If I want to lose weight...


It is possible to use Hypnosis techniques to help you to lose weight, we can increase willpower, particularly if there is a certain food/product that is a diet destroyer for you, for example crisps or chocolate, but any item of food that you wish you could eat less of. We can also help you to visualise yourself in the future, visualise your acheivement of personal weight goals, increase sucess rate. If you wish we can increase your motivation to exercise, provide you with better self confidence and boost your self esteem. We will tailor a package to suit you, a series of treatments that will be right for you, so that you can get the most out of your sessions.


What if I don't want to lose weight just change my eating habits?


You can do whatever you want to do, we will only give you suggestions that are suitable for your own circumstances,so if you tell us that you just want to stop eating as much bread then we will create a treatment for you on that basis...


I want to gain weight.....


In exactly the same way as it is possible to lose weight you can use hypnotherapy to gain weight, for example after an eating disorder or period of ill health. We do the whole process in the opposite way, the same techniques are used for goal setting, visualisation of personal acheivement, but the suggestions are the opposite of those for losing weight. You are still provided with the positive motivations but they are just for the opposite goal.



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