Violinist at wedding


Weddings in general are very stressful things, both for the bride and groom and for everyone else who is involved in the planning and organising parts. I offer sessions for nerves, social phobia- having to mix with people,pre wedding anxiety, for the associated fear of having to stand up and speak in front of people etc.

People can visit individually, or I can be booked for an afternoon to see any of the party that need a boost.



Brides in particular very often get themselves so worked up about the day that many forget that it is their big day, for them to be enjoying, so for the ladies we work primarily on removing anxiety, boosting confidence and self esteem, and for the nerves of the vow exchanges.



Men getting married have a slightly different set of worries to the ladies, but it still falls under the umerella of anxiety, things like will she turn up... am I going to say the right thing... I want to be funny and likeable but I'm worried that I will offend people with my speech...

so we work on boosting the self confidence, delivery of the speech, and provide a healthy dose of inner calm for the men, allowing them to be themselves at the event, and enjoy every minute.


Best Man & Maid of Honour

Very high pressure jobs, lots to remember, so you need to be on top form...logical and calm...capable of dealing swiflty and efficiently with any problems should they arise... so we work on inner calm, focus, remaining in control, self belief and with the speeches above we will work on delivery and presentation, a speech delivered confidently, and well timed is the key.


Build confidence and self esteem, and remove nerves so that they can be smiley and happy and enjoy the event.

Family members.- 

Weddings are stressful for the family as they all want to see Bride and Groom happy. Mother of the Bride often suffers from nerves so we ease the anxiety and instil calm.

The aim is for everyone to have a fun and enjoyable day, not limited by anxiety and stress


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