When a Sportsman is having a good day then he or she will play to the best of their abilities.

To start the game in a poor state of mind damages performance, results slump leading to a further downturn in their confidence and a downward spiral is established and they will continue to have a poor result.

It has long been said that the mental aspect to sport is very important to the performance of the sportsman, if they are not feeling motivated or believe that they can't win then the chances are they will not win.

The way that we use hypnotherapy in sports is that we boost motivation, increase that confidence and install a mindset that will prevent that confidence slump, and help to keep the sportsman in the correct positive mood and outlook throughout his /her game maximising the potential of the player.


We help the brain to focus and remember that whatever the game..whether you are a golfer, darts player, swimmer or any sportsman, your brain does know how to play your chosen sport,


I am not saying that you can turn a mediocre golfer into Tiger woods, simply that you can help him/her to maintain the best possible mental outlook with tip top focus and motivation to make the most of the skills he/ she has got in order to maximise their potential.

Sports is 60% raw talent and 40% mindset


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