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Past Life regression


Past life regression is something that fascinates millions of people across the world, a lot of people ask the question " Have I  been here before" past life regression may be a means to ease curiosity and also as a useful tool.


Past Life regression can be a useful tool, both out of a self interest point of view and can help resolve trapped repressed issues.

There have been many cases written about where a situation in a past life has stayed with the client and manifested itself as a physical cause in their present lives.

 At first glance it may seem like a clients particular phobia physical affliction of psychological block may have an underlying cause in their present life eg. fear of snakes in adulthood first port of call as a therapist is to look for the root of the problem, as we dig deeper we may find that the issue relates to a past life trauma. I am not saying that every such phobia or complaint can be traced to a past life event, simply that some may be explained in this manner.


 You can visit for therapy or simply out of interest, It is truly fascinating.

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