Fears / Phobias

Also see phobias and emotional issues...............


An intense seemingly irrational fear can have many causes, it could stem from childhood, or an incident that happened but that has been repressed from your conscious mind, it could have an emotional cause for example control issues or fear of desertion,as well as many more causes

Self Esteem, Confidence, and Stress also need to be looked at, once again this is an issue which varies vastly from client to client and so the more we can find out about your individual circumstances then the better we can address your case. Most fears/phobias stem from a defence mechanism out of control.

There would probably be included in your treatment a seies of hypnosis and non hypnosis treatments designed to provide you with the full spectrum of  tools in order to facilitate your own healing process.

Hypnotherapy helps you to help yourself in a safe friendly environment.

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