Food Issues (inc. eating disorders)


I am not a fan of the term "eating disorders" in general, as it encompasses such a wide range of conditions, and always has rather a stigma to it, so I prefer the term "Food related Issues"

People who have issues with food quite frequently have deeper control issues.  A person who makes that active choice not to eat... or in the same respect chooses to binge on food and /or purge is trying to gain some aspect of control, that by obsessively going about these behaviours in this case food (one of the most primal of all our base desires and needs) you are trying to regain control over your life.

Issues with food is a complex topic, and often requires a series of sessions to tackle both the root of the problem, and the surface behaviour. There is no sense in fixing the symptoms if you don't dig deeper until you find the cause and then treat the problem at the source.

I can get you back in control without the need to use food as a weapon, more confident, more positive and feeling good about yourself.

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