Childhood issues

This is a very emotional topic for a lot of people. Problems in adult life quite frequently have a link to childhood. This can be family circumstances, emotional neglect, parental control issues, abusive situations(both physical and Psychological) broken marriages, single parents, to name but a few....


I use a number of techniques to help you reprocess past events, shed emotional baggage, change perceptions, and regain control. I can help you to rebuild your self esteem, heal past emotional trauma and rediscover your confidence.


You must remember that when you come to see me everything you say to me is confidential, you will not be judged or frowned upon, I am just here to help you to help yourself.

I facilitate your own healing process, in a safe and gentle environment at your own pace, I will never rush you or push you to move faster than you wish, everything is tailored to your own personal circumstances.

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