Father feeding baby (6-12 months), indoors


I can provide you with a number of techniques to assist you with the anxiety of the pre birth build up, to diffuse any related stress, and clear you of any irrational negative thinking in regards to the birthing experience. I also show you techniques for you to use during the birth to put you more in touch with your body, to make the whole experience less fearful, helping you to feel more in control able to reduce and balance the pain to a managable level.

feel free to give me a call to discuss your own situation on 07727120604 or use the enquiry form below

You can call me to discuss on 07727120604, use the enquiry form below, or to book an appointment call the Walsingham clinic  reception on 01872 263163

or The Therapy Room Bodmin 0120876009

Remember to tell reception it is to see Em as there are a number of therapists who practice from the clinics.

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