Many of us lead busy stressful lives and a lot of us never learn to relax. Afterall it's not something they teach at school, so often we come up with our own coping mechanisms incorrectly to 'balance' stress, the only way that we know how.

For some of us there is simply no balance at all, we find that the only way we can cope is to let that stress out as an angry temper flair, violence either verbally or physically, but the truth is we don't have to be that way, it is simply easier to loose our temper than to do something about it.

That is where I can help. I help you to stay calmer, to balance stress and manage difficult circumstances before they get to that point of  'no return'.

I will show you techniques to use in your every day life that will help you to modify your behaviour, so that you find you are more positive, not so short tempered and a lot more in control of your anger.

To have a chat about your circumstances give me a call on 07727120604 or to book a session day/time to suit yourself call the Walsingham reception on 01872 263163

or The Therapy Room Bodmin on 0120876009

Remember to tell reception it is to see Em as there are a number of therapists who practice from the clinic.

Anger management

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