Battling an addiction on your own can be tough. Society puts so many things in front of us that some of us find difficult to resist. Addiction comes in many forms, from those who choose alcohol or drugs to others who are addicted to things that provide a different release or pleasure such as gambling, sex chocolate....... whatever it may be I can help you get back in control of your life.

All the time we are presented with tempting things in adult life that either give us pleasure, offer us the chance to escape into a numb fog, to forget who we are or what are problems are or to win a life changing sum of money which usually ends in poverty. No matter how far along that road you are, If you are reading this now you are already well on your way to making a positive change in your life. I know that it may seem hopeless sometimes but it really is posible to take back control. It sounds corny and stereotyped but to admit that you have a problem really is the biggest, hardest step.

I am not one of those therapists who says you need x amount of sessions, as everyone is different and a person needs to get through their issues at their own speed, so I  provide a custom made support treatment to suit your own circumstances. Some people may find they just need a single session willpower boost or others may have deep seated emotional factors that need sorting, either way I can help you get back on track and in control of your life.

I am a very no nonsense therapist with a very down to earth approach.

Feel free to give me a call to discuss your situation on 07727120604 or use the email me form below

To book a session day/ time to suit yourself call the Walsingham clinic reception on 01872 263163

or The Therapy Room Bodmin 0120876009 remember to tell them it is to see Em as there are a number of therapists working from the clinc.

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